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Project Description:
CricketForum is the simplest ASP.NET website which gives information on Cricket Game. Worlds Cricket is like simple blog engine. The website mainly features on providing information on Cricket history with different cricket format, World’s cricketers, International Cricket Teams, Current International match schedules, International Cricket Council Rankings and Latest news.
A key objective for developing CricketForum is for Cricket Devotees, Cricket Watchers and Cricket Followers who like to see specific information on Cricket Game. The website viewers can also contribute to the site by adding latest cricket news, current schedules and cricketers. The website viewers are also provided with an option to comment on the post and discuss on it.
Cricket history with different cricket format includes cricket background, different formats of cricket like Test Cricket, Fifty overs cricket and twenty overs cricket. It’s also included with rules that follow while playing cricket and decision made when match dropped due to rain. Viewers can comment on the rules and different format cricket.
World’s Cricketers is about individual player information with his some great achievements. Viewers can contribute to this column by adding other players or they can comment on the player posted.
Current Cricket will give information on matches currently going on with the team names, match details, venue and time. Viewers can contribute to this column by posting current schedule and can discuss about the stadium and pitch.
International Cricket Council (ICC) Rankings and Latest News column will include international cricket team ranking and fresh news of teams or players. Viewers can contribute to this column by posting latest news and discuss on that.
The website will be built by using the latest and powerful Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Access Tools, and .NET technologies. The User Interface is done by using Visual Studio and Database is handled through Microsoft Access. Programming language used for developing application VB.NET and Web Application Framework used is ASP.NET.

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